Author: Parul

Do we have the right admission process for schools?

Do we have the right admission process for schools in India? Admission process for schools! Why am I asking this question? How will this help? This is because something need to change in the beginning itself, or doing right thing in the first place! For an example! Number of buses plying on road in the morning and afternoon are too many and it can change. Like if we act on this example;...
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ChaloStudy Scholarship Exam- Year 2016 – 17

Apply for ChaloStudy Scholarship Exam for year 2016-17? ChaloStudy Scholarship program is one of the best program designed to support and motivate talent in the Nations. Children who clears the ChaloStudy Scholarship Exam (CSSE) get opportunity around the year to attend webinars by professionals and Industry experts. Who can apply?  Students studying from 5th class to 11th class this yea...
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