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Discussion forum dedicated around education

Discussion forum ? In today’s internet world where we have so many social site around us. Sometime we as parents even get worried about exposing our kids to these social sites. Displaying meaning full content based on individuals is still very complex and difficult for these site to implement 100%.

At ChaloStudy.com we want to build a dedicated discussion forum around the education. Where it can be a place for students and parents to network with around the world students, teachers and parents. Also opportunity for parents to share values for the benefit for students around the world.

In our discussion forum, everyone has an opportunity to create or start discussion around the education or building skills.

Also we believe that there is no forum or platform or community, which can be built with efforts and contribution from everyone. We understand that we can only provide technology and some level of moderation. So, we all need to contribute and make this a best platform for kids, parents and teachers.

So we would like to invite you to register for FREE, and take part in all kinds of discussion around the education.

What after registering at ChaloStudy.com?

  • If you are worried about the child's safety at school, and want to learn or share your experience. You can start your discussion around child’s safety.
  • If you are worried about your child's education and looking for tips to know from parents across nations, about their learning from their experiences. you can start discussion around education.
  • Start discussion around your idea of improving any specific skills. As a student if you want to share your ideas or topics with other students around the world and learn about others views on any topic regarding education or career.
  • Start a discussion anything you want to change related education or schooling, BE THE CHANGE.
  • If you have a GREAT thought or knowledge about any topic around education and looking for a best and dedicated platform to share your views with world!

How it works for Students

It’s just few seconds and free.
Start the discussion
On any topic related to education, child's safety. etc.
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Invite your friends and chat in private
Share a topic with friends
Got a topic to share or ask for inputs from friends

So are you ready to start the discussion or share ?

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