Do we have the right admission process for schools in India?

Admission-processAdmission process for schools! Why am I asking this question? How will this help? This is because something need to change in the beginning itself, or doing right thing in the first place! For an example!

  • Number of buses plying on road in the morning and afternoon are too many and it can change.

Like if we act on this example;

  • If there are 2 or 3 schools in one area than the buses can be shared area wise, like in a apartment you see 3 buses coming to pickup 4 students going to 2 schools close to each other. .
  • This will help in reducing the time spend for commuting to school by our kids.
  • And many more ?????

What all can change in the admission process? or what kind of guidelines / rules can be formulated by India Education governing body ? What roles schools and parents can play to solve some of these challenges?

  • How about schools accepting admissions area wise first (x radius) and if seats still vacant then from extended area ?
  • Why we send or kid’s to schools that are very far from home? Is it because of schools reputation? Name? Or any other specific reason, like no school in our area? Or less fees for far away schools?
  • What is the objective of admission test for children till 10th grade ?
Do you see challenges around this ?

Some of the challenges I think we can solve, if we do things right in the first place!

These thoughts were discussed with many parents on several so called bus stops around apartment gates…

Do we really have a problem or challenge? If yes? Do we know are the solutions? Can we really solve this challenges?

Share your thoughts if you are concerned and want to change something for betterment!
This initiative is taken for all parents, so extend your support by sharing your comments, ideas, thoughts on
We will publish a summary report after getting all the thoughts analyzed with the help of expert’s to take initiate next steps…
Thought by Parul, facebook profile Parul Vaswan