Sponsor Kids education

Do your bit by sponsoring a deserving kids education

Chalostudy.com is taking an initiative by conducting a scholarship program to support students based on talent, this will motivate students and kids of any sector, any region, any segment and any board.  This will be financial support for student’s education based on skills and capabilities only. We will be following full transparent process of selecting student in collaboration with qualified and serving teachers across the schools.

Why ChaloStudy.com is doing this?

As any other institution or company we want to contribute to our society and expecting support from all of you, so that the benefits can be given with more students than limiting only based on our share.

Why you should sponsor kids education?

We believe that everyone of us want to contribute our bit to society and we keep doing that in different ways, and all of us always keep looking for the opportunities. So we wanted to create an opportunity for you to contribute by our initiative. As with your contribution we can make it more meaningful for students or kids, when the work hard for making the future bright. As the students will have to put efforts to earn this by appearing for competitive exam. As the only way to give best future is by creating good society for our kids.

What will you get to see as sponsors?

  1. We will pay the fees directly to schools, and the data will be send to all our sponsors.
  2. Will publish online the progress of students benefited by this program
  3. Full profile of the student will be available on demand to maintain privacy.
  4. You can also be part of initiative as volunteer, or if you have any suggestion to the process.

Who can Sponsor?

Corporates, Institutions, Individuals across the globe can sponsor


We are not NGO
Kids sponsored can be of any Religion, any Class, any Board, any city and independent of any Segment (So called Family Status).
This initiative is only to motivate and contribute our bit to support deserving brains to dream and achieve big.