What is here for students or parents? 

  1. You can find the right tutor in your area within your budget.
  2. If you are not able to find in your area, than find tutors anywhere in India, without worrying about distance and use our online tech platform to take lessons and learn.
  3. Hassle free, best simplified online technology, easy to use and recordings available to recap at your convenience.
  4. Share and read feedbacks about tutors from students and make the right call, as will provide you the environment.


What is here for tutors ?

  1. Your profile or information are kept confidential and is never shared on public portals without your consent.
  2. You can share your knowledge as it grows by sharing, so you can teach part-time, full-time and contribute towards the country’s future.
  3. No more time spent on travel or distance is a reason for not contribution, as you can use our online platform to teach and overcome the distance and time barrier to teach more students all over India.
  4. If you are full time tutor create your profile as an individual, teacher, coach and guide. Become favorite of students across and get liked by the students and parents

Dedicated discussion forum for all around education

  1. You can start your discussion around child’s safety. If you are worried about the child’s safety at school, and want to learn or share your experience.
  2. If you are worried about your child’s education and looking for tips to know from parents across nations, about their learning from their experiences. You can start discussion around education.
  3. Start a discussion anything you want to change related education or schooling, BE THE CHANGE!